Family Portraits & Biography Films

Our ‘Family Portraits’ and ‘Family Biography Films’ offer more ways to preserve your life story.  If all you need is a portrait session, we can accommodate.  Or, we can include biographical film clips to enhance and preserve your story.  Let your imagination and creativity guide you as we work together to create a timeless treasure.


You can get started with a 60 minute on-location Photo Shoot for just $75 (50% Off). If more than 30 miles from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, you may incur a small travel charge. We have options for all budgets.

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What are the memorable stories in your family that have been told over and over? Maybe they’re stories of hardship and pain, overcoming obstacles, family ancestors, most embarrassing moments, cute things done or said by children and grandchildren, family traditions, fun vacations or other family events.

These stories are family heirlooms of the heart which need to be preserved before they are forgotten.

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It’s those family stories; the dreams and realities, the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows, life’s milestones and everyday living that give definition and depth to our families and keeps us connected to those loved ones that have gone before us.

 If you’re reading this – Michael is talented, innovated and creative and can prepare a fabulous keepsake biography for your family. I know! I’ve used his services before and highly recommend him.  
Stuart Jacobson (A.K.A. The Stu Show)



The more children know about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successful they will be at raising their own families and achieving their life’s dreams.

Preserving Your Life Story” gives you the opportunity to share your wisdom, traditions and values with your loved ones, creating a beautiful legacy for future generations.

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Holiday Traditions Include Entire Family

The coffee pot drips, giving off a perfect aroma of a dark roast elixir. The kids begin to stir, playing in the front living room with the multitude of Grandma’s dolls while the Adult congregate in the kitchen. It is the day after Thanksgiving and all are recovering from a large feast, lounging in over-sized chairs and catching up on news.


Family Portraits & Biographies

At Imagine Road Productions, we specialize in capturing not just the family portrait, but also the candids that depict the life and character of the family.  We do this by involving the entire family in our productions, from the very young to the elders, through role playing and characterizations.

Whether you want us to simply put together your annual ‘Family Portrait’, or would like a in-depth ‘Family Bio Film’, we have something that will fit your budget.